Saffron Risotto (we love it…)

Sunny sunny sunny!

At the risk of being boring, we propose a new risotto! We are so passionate about it that we would cook it every day. In addition to being particularly appreciated during the colder season, risotto is a delicious, nutritious dish, warm and fragrant. It is simple to prepare and very creative: choose the ingredients that will make it tasty and unique.
In this proposal, we use a main ingredient: saffron. Precious and refined, saffron gives the risotto a pictorial appearance, a unique taste and enhances its beneficial properties.
Preparing the risotto is very simple and you can follow the recipe given here (Basil Risotto). In this case, however, you will use a sachet of saffron halfway through cooking, continuing to cook the risotto slowly until it is ready. Don’t forget to stir up the heat with butter and plenty of Parmesan.
For a “wow” effect, add decorative stigmas and serve steaming to your guests. Beneficial, good, loving …

The use of saffron is especially recommended for the stimulation of the immune system, thus achieving a strengthening of the body’s natural defenses against, for example, viral attacks such as influenza or cold sores. Saffron intake is associated with a preventive action against degenerative diseases linked to oxidative stress. The merit would be ascribed, according to the experts, to its action as an obstacle to free radicals.The benefits offered by saffron also involve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The first sees this spice contribute to the control of hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, the second instead finds benefit thanks to the sedative action of the symptoms of cough and asthma.
Among the other beneficial properties associated with saffron it is possible to find one that benefits concentration, protects the liver or stimulates digestive activity. It also helps relieve depression and is considered effective in case of toothache.

Finally, women can benefit from taking saffron in relation to the possible onset of menstrual pain, an action guaranteed by the presence of crocetin.

Saffron, consumed in small doses, has no side effects or contraindications, but we must not forget that at high doses it is toxic and harmful. The maximum daily dose of saffron that can be taken is 1.5 g. This daily amount is sufficient to obtain the health benefits of an individual. In the kitchen, the classic sachet is used, which can contain from 0.125g to 0.3g of saffron, and is sufficient to give flavor and color to large quantities of food.


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